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Photocopier Adelaide – Meeting The Mobile Consumer

Photocopier Adelaide – Meeting The Mobile Consumer

Photocopier Adelaide has buy a photocopier grown to become a very strong and reputable company in the printing industry over the years. This is due in no small part to their continued expansion of their business network into new areas of the country, whilst maintaining their core strengths in their core areas of operation. These days with the increase of online orders for all their services this has meant that they have expanded their customer base into many new regions throughout the country.


“We have expanded into a large number of new markets, which are expanding our market share. We now serve more than one hundred retail outlets across Australia including major chains and smaller independent stores, with a further twenty distribution points already established in New Zealand”, says Paul Keene, Managing Director of Photocopier Adelaide Limited. “This expansion has resulted in a further expansion of our staff, with more employees in training to meet the demands of our growing customer base, and the availability of new software and equipment to support the expansion”. To meet these demands both in terms of new capacity and software / hardware installations, and also in meeting the growing demand for colour and (coloured document) output, Photo-jet printers from Photocopier Adelaide have been modified to be more compatible with android devices and the latest operating systems, such as XP and Vista.


“With the introduction of Android operating systems and devices into the market, our customers have been demanding a high quality touch screen interface for their Photocopier Adelaide terminals. Our new touch screen interface technology meets this demand by allowing our customers to view their documents on their tablets or smartphones” says Keene. “The addition of a touch screen interface to our older systems has seen a marked increase in sales, and this increase is forecasted to continue throughout 2021”. This is just one of the new technologies that has been introduced by Photocopier Adelaide to increase efficiency and reduce cost, whilst also meeting new demands caused by an ever-growing user base.

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