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Water ingress | Advanced Damp can occur due to many different reasons. Often the main cause of water ingress is poor maintenance of water pipes, drainage systems and the plumbing of a building. Wet rot, slow draining buildings or drainage systems which are clogged and not cleaned properly can lead to water ingress. A wet basement which is also infested with mildew, mold and other bacteria may also lead to water ingress problems. A leaky roof may also cause water to build up in the attic causing water ingress to occur.

Water Inlet Problems and How to Solve Them

Poor waterproofing / leaking gutters and downpipes A defective drainage system or blocked gutters are commonly the cause of water ingress on the flat roof above the gutters. In many cases these will need to be cleaned or repaired to prevent water ingress onto the flat roof and towards the house. Cracked pipes or drainage pipes which are leaking are often the reason for water ingress on the flat roofs of houses. Defective, clogged or failing downpipes and guttering will all be often the causes of water ingress penetrating the flat roof and are allowing water to go through into the home.

Water ingress can also occur due to defects in the construction of the building materials of a property. A house may have been built using inferior building materials or construction methods and water may penetrate the home over time. These water ingress issues will need to be repaired or can be done away with by replacing some of the building materials that have been affected. Excessive moisture can also be caused by the use of poor quality building materials and insulation. It is important to ensure that a home has adequate insulation and that it has been built using good quality materials.

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