[Video] Earth Day is April 22

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What is Earth Day?

It is celebrated in more than 175 countries. There were 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day.

Its name and concept was pioneered by John McConnell in 1969 at UNESCO conference in San Francisco.

Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.

Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970.


Why should you care ? In the spirit of Earth Day, here are few facts that can motivate each one of us all to consider our positive impact on the environment and take action today!

  • Save water! Just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime, [also when washing dishes] you can save up to 8 gallons of water! That adds up to more than 200 gallons a month.
  • More than 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered in the US each year.
  • It only takes average 6 weeks to manufacture, fill, sell, recycle, and then remanufacture an aluminum beverage can.
  • ½ of the world’s tropical and temperate forests are now gone.
  • More than 2 million people globally die prematurely every year, due to outdoor and indoor air pollution.
  • Every year in the US nearly 200 billion beverage containers are sold
  • Recycle, reuse, and remanufacturing responsible for 3.1 million jobs in the US.
  • By reducing our waste only 1% per year and recycling and composting 90% of our discards by 2013, we could save 406 megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.
  • More than 76% of cardboard boxes and 72% of newspapers were recycled in 2006 but less than 50% of printing and writing paper was recycled.
  • Many companies are doing their part by encouraging employees to use less paper and take public transportation to and from work, allowing some employees to telecommute, and using green materials and alternative heating systems when they rebuild or renovate.


How can you help?

Here are some easy suggested tips for you to do:

  • Recycle: anything around your house, your workplace. Namely cans, water bottles, plastics, inks, cartridges, even old clothes.
  • Save water. When you wash dishes or brush your teeth! Just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime, you can save up to 8 gallons of water! That adds up to more than 200 gallons a month, enough to fill a huge fish tank that holds 6 small sharks! The same is true when you wash dishes.
  • Turn off lights, power you do not need as you walk away from your house, your work desk.
  • Donate old items you do not need: namely clothes, shoes, yes shoes!
  • Plant a tree. Plant your favorite tree of fruits, vegetables…
  • Conservation at home!
  • Train and educate your children to do the same. They follow your Leadership!



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