Community Preparedness: The FACTS

Disaster Preparedness is all about being prepared!

We can not avoid these things coming, but certainly we can Prepare ourselves in how to minimize and reduce the risks on our lives, and our property, our business, our family.


Community Preparedness: The Facts

Research on preparedness shows that people who believe themselves “prepared” for disasters often are not as prepared as they think.

According to their recent survey*:

40% did not have household plans

80% had not conducted home evacuation drills

And nearly 60% did not know their community’s evacuation rules

Many preparedness actions are useful in any type of emergency situation, and some are specific to a particular type of disaster.

A critical first step to Preparedness is to understand the hazards in YOUR community and to learn about local alerts and warning systems, evacuation roles, and sheltering plans.

The best way to find these information is to YOUR city and community resources.



“When a disaster strikes, the time for preparation just ended”


*Source: FEMA