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The goal of iDARE’s core programs are to raise awareness, educate, connect and engage supporters, empower leadership, and power advocacy efforts.

Our Programs

Our programs are well diversed and yet focused-driven simply to help individuals, families, and communities to become more prepared and be self reliant. We will continue to help others in need in our local community, at national level, as well as global networking.

Our Vision

By 2020, we plan to reach out to other countries, and send ambassadors dedicated to extend efforts in providing empowerment, community goodwill, and education. Our programs include sending out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about the cause on a local and global level, and to hold fundraising events in order to provide immediate relief and assistance regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion. At times, per the discretion of the board of directors, we may provide internships, advocacy, or volunteer opportunities which shall provide opportunities for involvement in said activities and programs in order to have a greater impact for change.

The core of our Programs focus on Education in impacting Children, Women, Individuals, Families, and Communities on these following categories:

  • Safety and Survival

  • Disaster Preparedness

  • Literacy Education

  • Health & Wellness (6)

Children Education

Overall more than half of countries have youth literacy rates of 95% or higher. About 774 million adults (15 years and older) still cannot read or write, two thirds of them (493 million) are women. Among youth, 123 million are illiterate, of which 76 million are female. (Source: UNESCO Global Monitoring Report on Education)


Empowered Women

Empowered Women programs are designed for women to become self reliant in winning challenges in many areas, emotional or physical through networking, health & wellness, self defense programs.

Leadership & Mentor

Leadership and Mentoring is a program exclusively for women and young women facing challenges in many  areas, including early stage of career, or during career changes, transitional phases. iDARE offers FREE mentoring program to women in need for professional development, tailoring resume, professional grooming, to public speaking and leadership skills.


Feet For Life - grounded to stay healthy is a way of life

 Feet For Life

This is our signature program to promote health and wellness “Grounded To Stay Healthy Is A Way of Life”. Feet For Life may either be performed through virtual or live event campaign awareness. (5)

Disaster Preparedness: Prepare, Survive, and Recover

We will continue to create more resilient communities to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from major disasters.



Honoring our Troops and Veterans, and build strong communities.


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