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iDARE® Inc does not discriminate in any hiring or volunteering services.

Our Volunteers are the hearts of our community. We believe in collaboration and working together as a community. Our team of volunteers are always ready to support other community events at anytime. At iDARE, we believe living Selflessly not Selfishly by serving others first. That is the iDARE way.

We welcome any individual who has passion and is willing to be part of our winning team to continue making a difference and positive impacts everyday in this world.

Prosperity not mobility.


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VOLUNTEERS Opportunities:

We are seeking 8-10 volunteers once a month for 1-2 hours, for:

  • Assembling survival / aid kits containing emergency items (product details are to follow, based on collected donations)

  • Assisting on-site Community Workshops and Seminars.

Sponsorships and Donations Opportunities:

We welcome donations for any emergency supplies:

  • medical bags

  • first aid kits

  • water bottles

  • canned goods

  • blankets

  • flashlights

  • batteries

  • pets supplies (dogs, cats, etc)

  • children books, drawing, color books

We welcome any sponsorships of any kinds.

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