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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness


“When a disaster strikes, the time for preparation just ended. Disaster does not recognize who or what you are. Disaster does not recognize your title, financial status, social status, age, gender, ethnicity…We are all in this together!”

~ Nicky Dare, Founder of iDARE® Inc.  "Disaster Preparedness, Survival, and Recovery"


Our mission is to mobilize resources to be more prepared and sustainable in our community.


Self Awareness and Self Sufficience with Situational Awareness, Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.

Become more prepared and take smart measures of action: Before, During, and After.

Build more resilient communities. Resilience shortens the period of time between disaster and full recovery.

Prepare. Plan. Mitigate.

It is a matter of "when" not "if".

Natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, storm.

Identify the hazards that have happened or could happen in your area and plan for the unique actions for each.

What to do when disaster strikes when you least expect it.

You can not stop these disasters, but you can be PREPARED !

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Here's how YOU can help:

Get Involved!

  • Become a CERT Team Member

  • Volunteer

  • Donate Emergency supplies and equipments

  • Donate Medical Kits

  • Donate Online

Be Informed

Learn what protective measures to take before, during, and after an emergency.

 "I did not expect the workshop will be very informative and quality. Lots of preparation to this great community information. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone and hope she will offer more" ~ Bob K.

"A very informative workshop on "Disaster and Emergency Preparedness" and would recommend to others" ~ Saul H.

"The speaker and topic on "Disaster and Emergency Preparedness" covered a number of relevant ideas and tips on how to prepare ourselves I never thought about before" ~ Sandra W.

"The speaker Ms. Dare was very informative and personable. I felt very comfortable asking questions and she did not stop until I understood her answers. Thank you!" ~ Megan D.

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Here are the 3 key things for every individual to prepare for and respond to potential emergencies:

  1. Get an emergency supply kit

  2. Make a family emergency plan

  3. Know the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses

Family and Home Preparedness

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Peace of Mind is just a Survival Kit away. Protect Your Family. Protect Your Home.

Youth Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness - for kids - with TEXT

Every household should have a Family Preparedness Plan

Community and Business Preparedness

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Learn what protective measure to take Before, During, After an emergency and become better prepared for disasters and other emergencies.


Disaster Preparedness Tips

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All Emergency & Disaster Experts agree that one must have at LEAST a 3-Day / 72-hour Supply of Emergency Food & Water as well as the proper Emergency Supplies.

To be truly prepared in the event of disaster, experts recommend everyone should have at least one Survival Kit or Emergency Kit in your home, one in your car and one at work.

Each person in your family should have their own Survival Kit or Emergency Go Bag unless the kit you have has specifically been created for multiple people.

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