Our Vision


iDARE with its global mission to save lives with people around the world. Disaster Preparedness is a global awareness, and requires collaboration by people themselves and strategic partnerships and alliances with many other organizations.

By 2020, we plan to reach out to other countries through leadership advocacy dedicated to extend efforts in providing education, community goodwill, and outreach programs. Our programs include sending out advocates to raise social consciousness about the cause on a local and global level, and to hold fundraising events in order to provide immediate relief and assistance regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, financial or social status. At times, per the discretion of the board of directors, we may provide internships, advocacy, or volunteer opportunities which shall provide opportunities involvement in said activities and programs in order to have a greater impact for change.

By 2025, we plan to have disaster shelters in regional divisions, and/ or statewide.

Our primary goal is to SAVE LIVES through education and mobilization of resources.