Founded since 1996, iDARE®, Inc. has been a concept of a grassroot individual involvement to servicing families, children, and communities. For decades and with such passion, one woman has volunteered in many different areas of outreach programs.  Not until after the passing of her beloved father and through decades of difficult challenging circumstances,  Ms. Nicky Dare has made her beloved father’s dreams of continued serving for others became reality. Her beloved father had donated family funds to start this organization in 2013.  Ms. Dare has taken a personal pledge to continue her family tradition in living selflessly to help others in need. The concept of iDARE has finally became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with its mission to continue servicing families, children, and communities since 2013.

iDARE®, Inc. is currently funded completely by public and private grants and donations.

Our team is comprised of results-oriented philanthropists, community leaders, and passionate social entrepreneurs seeking scalable solutions to major social challenges.


Our Board Advisors and Volunteers Team

iDARE Defined

Founded in 1996, iDARE was born of personal hardship, triumph, and the desire to succeed.  iDARE, the acronym for “Integrity, Diversity, Adaptation, Resilience, and Empowerment,” is derived from learning to evolve through difficult circumstances. After decades of dedication in selflessly serving various charity programs in the community, iDARE recently became a registered nonprofit organization in 2013.
iDARE’s core programs are to raise awareness; educate, connect and engage supporters, empower leadership, and power advocacy efforts.
“…Breaking free from the confines to limitation – no matter what the issue may be – health, career, family life, social interaction – is the cornerstone of living authentically. The “iDARE” concept is based on notion that by looking through a multi-dimensional mirror from the outside in, you experience a paradigm shift – a new reality, shaped by personal perspective, solidified by pillars of excellence or anchors that hold the structure intact.*
“iDARE” is intended to signify i-ndividual daring, and aims to inspire others to live lives with truth and purpose.
Thus, the credo of iDARE is to live with integrity, embracing diversity, learning to adapt, through resilience, and empowerment.
I firmly believe that it’s not enough to declare one’s truth. That is why I want to stand for something – causes that are close to my heart. Actions speak louder than words.
Here’s to Living in Purpose and Passion,
Founder, iDARE® Inc.


I do not believe in competition. Many of us are busy chasing rainbows, hungry for fame, power, and money. I prefer simplicity, and am happy to live in my world, where I can authentically define the scope of my efforts and views of success. There are three tiers to my life’s achievements: family, health, and happiness. It is important to keep our true identities in view and not become caught up in materialism or the facades of power and fame.  Why give importance to these superficial considerations? What truly matters is to love and be our best at whatever we undertake. Such is my definition of happiness.  

Together, let’s continue to make positive impacts in this world in fulfilling our mission in educating children, empowering women, and building resilient and safe communities.

* “The Audacity of Veracity” (2014) Preface, pages 18-19