"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela


What is iDARE ?

  iDARE is a credo of a personal mission based on the 'Pillars of Excellence' of :

integrity, Diversity, Adaptation, Resilience, Empowerment

iDARE is committed to continue its grassroots efforts to raise awareness, educate, connect and engage supporters, empower leadership, and power advocacy efforts.



aaiDARE and Macys annual challenge july 2017

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iDARE® team gives back on World Food Day



iDARE® team gives back on World Food Day



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iDARE® team takes on the community


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iDARE to Live with Integrity, Embrace Diversity, Learn to Adapt, Be Resilient, Be Empowered

'When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.'

Maya Angelou


“The whole course overall was excellent !! The instructors and their patience and direction, helpful tips and techniques were great. Thank you Nicky and to all of your instructors team for their time. Thank you again Nicky, I had a blast !


"I did not expect the workshop will be very informative and quality. Lots of preparation to this great community information. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone and hope she will offer more"

Bob K

“The one-on-one Instruction was amazing. Thank you Nicky and everyone to make the best training both in classroom and on the range today!”


“Thank you so much again for a wonderful and educational day, Nicky! And I would highly recommend this to all ladies and especially moms who want a memorable and meaningful day bonding with their daughters. My daughter and I hope to take more of your classes together. You are a great role model for all women and it was a pleasure meeting you and attending your course”

Diane K

"Nicky, what a great class/time our wives had this weekend. It was professional, personal, and very well done. The girls had a great time and learned some valuable basics. Just in conversation with friends these past few days, we have several friends who would be very interested in any future courses so please advise us for the next one. Thank you again for a very well done course! "


"The instructors, they were all very helpful and patient. I truly appreciate you and this course. It gave me lots of confidence !

Mina Q

"Great motivational speaker, Ms. Dare is such an inspiring and yet humble person who shares her own experiences makes us very inspired all together. She makes us feel not alone with our challenges and find solutions in life. Thank you for making my day!

Kay S

"Great class. Very well put together! Thank you Nicky!"

Katie D.

"A very informative workshop on "Disaster and Emergency Preparedness" and would recommend to others"

Saul H

I just recently attended iDARE Disaster Preparedness 'Meal Prep Challenge' held in my local community. It was a very high quality program which I have learned quite a bit mainly in being prepared myself! It was an eye opening. I extremely likely to recommend this to others and I would like to help and work with their upcoming events!

John M

"I want to thank you for a fabulous day yesterday. It is sooo amazing that you and all the instructors team were to extend your service. I would never have had this opportunity otherwise. I will get some more individual coaching before I am ready to go practice on my own. I hope our paths will meet again. You are an amazing young woman. Again many thanks for a very special and thrilling day"

Nicki C

"I sure did enjoy the class this weekend and learned a lot! Thank you! Sincerely"

Grace W

"I liked the Instructors the most! Everyone was patient, approachable and a pleasure to work with. I learned so much! There were plenty of refreshments, great lunch, and overall positive space. It was a lot of fun ! Thank you so much Nicky for putting this together and great course for all of us women ! Thank you again !"

"Great personal instruction. Also the hospitality was above expectations"

Vicki M

"This was a great experience and would recommend to others"

Susan H

"The instructors were all knowledgeable and friendly. They are all experts in their fields and I felt very safe. The personal attention / one-on-one instruction was amazing"

Erin H

"I liked and enjoyed the entire training! This was the best. I felt very comfortable and safe. I appreciate the one-on-one training more than anything. Thank You!

Isabel M

"The speaker Ms. Dare was very informative and personable. I felt very comfortable asking questions and she did not stop until I understood her answers. Thank you!"

Megan D

"I thought this workshop will be boring and I am glad I was wrong! Thank you for providing this to our community"

Rachelle D

"Nicky was great! that is what I love most of the class today. The course was excellent !! Nicky was "Amazing" she is a very good teacher ! 🙂 I will be back for sure!"

Silvia B

I have helped out in few of iDARE events, but one I like most is the Disaster Preparedness. It requires so much attention from everyone. We helped promote Tsunami Preparedness awareness by educating public along coastline in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. We need to work together to continue this awareness, from all levels! Nicky and her team had worked diligently and tirelessly to deliver the message to the public in general. So much to be done!

Mary Volunteer / Homemaker / Retired Self

Nicky is a natural leader and outstanding instructor who always goes above and beyond the call of duty. A 20-year review of disasters showed 90% of disasters are weather-related. I believe through iDARE Nicky's goal is that we as a people survive and are prepared in case of a natural disaster. I have had occassions to work alongside Nicky, who organized training events for women and I am familiar with these events Nicky organized. She will not rest until the message of being prepared is heard by all ! I would not hesitate to follow Nicky's lead as she is a great example of a "Top Drawer" leader.

Roosevelt Scott Owner Triple Threat Solutions

It was an excellent event today! Thank you for putting the Disaster Preparedness community event together. It was worth the drive from bay area with my team. My other team members definitely have missed this! Looking forward to help in your next events.

Maharaja Raja IT Consultant Cognizant

As a business owner, the single most important thing is the safety of my employees in the event of disaster. After learning more of iDARE "Are You Ready? Be Prepared, Survive, Recover" workshop, there are just so much to know and learn in many ways. Thank you for providing these important information !

Mike Mahmoud Owner AIM Center

I absolutely loved the overall hands-on practice lesson and the wealth of experience and knowledge to this event: Disaster Preparedness meal prep challenge. Thank you iDARE for putting this event together! Can't wait for the next one.

Mark College Student College of Canyon

Great to be part of the Disaster Preparedness promoting different natural disasters. I recently helped out by volunteering for iDARE awareness programs at a local event. We need more volunteers to help out in this community programs.

Stephanie H College Student College of Canyon

After attending yesterday's workshop in How To Be Better Prepared "Prepared, Survive, Recover" I went to Home Depot and started my disaster kit. It was a great information. Thank you!!

Dana Malm Bookeeper Specialist

Thank you iDARE for providing these public services to our community. Very helpful.

David Retired US National Coast Guard

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Prepare, Survive, Recover

Are YOU Prepared?

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iDARE Survival Kit Contest - winner will be announced on July 30 2017

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May 23, 2017

Event: Be Prepared. Survive. Recover. [Please RSVP]

FREE and Open to Public. Kids are welcome!

How "Prepared" Are You?

Are you ready to Survive and Recover Quick when a disaster strikes?

PIECE OF MIND should not be compromised.


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[Press Release] iDARE®, INC. JOINS THE MACY’S SHOP FOR A CAUSE CHARITY CHALLENGE ON CROWDRISE Help iDARE Inc. win $100,000 by donating to its CrowdRise campaign       Los Angeles, California – July 11, 2017 –  iDARE®, Inc. has joined the Macy’s Shop For A Cause Charity Challenge, a fundraising competition on CrowdRise, the largest crowdfunding […]


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