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Nelson Mandela


Founder of iDARE® Inc. discussed Safety & Survival - Disaster Preparedness at a community event

Survival Emergency Prep Challenge

This event has been closed, however you can stil make a donation


This event has been closed, however if you still wish to make a contribution. Click button below.

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Disaster Preparedness for Sustainability

Dare to Prepare through Sustainability


When a disaster strikes, the time for preparation just ended. Disaster does not recognize job title, financial status, age, gender, ethnicity, ... Safety and Survival are your personal responsibilities


Emergency Items Needed!

Donate goods or $10 to help Disaster Preparedness awareness


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We asked the community what they think of Disaster Preparedness.  

Listen in to what some had shared their insights.

Peace of Mind should never be compromised.


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March 24, 2017

Event: Be Prepared. Survive. Recover.

FREE and Open to Public [Please RSVP]

How "Prepared" Are You?

Are you ready to Survive and Recover Quick when a disaster strikes?

PIECE OF MIND should not be compromised.


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